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The Kidz Corner is unique and packed with exciting activities. What's fun about the Kidz Corner is that 100% of it is on the ground level, making it easy to access by children of various abilities. Children ages 6-23 months will explore the six play panels to create an interactive adventure of fun. This includes the ABC Panel, where kids can practice their ABC's, the Maze Panel for kids to take on a challenge, and the Bead and Cups Panel where they can practice their fine motor skills. Each one of these gives a fun learning experience for the little ones to have. The Counter Panel is available for playing house or store, and a Saddle Seat Panel for those breaks after a long hard play. Kidz Corner is an ADA-compliant commercial grade system, available for Quick Ship in the Primary or Nature palette, with the option to add components and change it to a custom design.




  • Age Range = 6 to 23 months
  • Activities = 6
  • Capacity = 8 to 12
  • Fall Height = 0 inches
  • Structure Size = 8'7" x 8'7" x 4'1"
  • Use Zone = 15 feet x 15 feet




QSWP-350024P00 (Primary Color)

QSWP-350024N00 (Natural Color)

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