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Pikes Peak is the perfect retreat for kids who want an escape from the hullabaloo of the playground. This five piece panel set has some of the best activities that every child can enjoy, regardless of their age or level of physical ability. The Four in a row Panel and ABC Panels are great interactive games to keep the fun going. The Counter Panel is close by for all manner of imaginary activities to arise. The Gear Panel provides another creative outlet for youngsters with a mind for mechanics. These activities are great for kids to enjoy by themselves, but even better when played with a friend.. Pike's Place is an ADA-compliant commercial grade system, available for Quick Ship in the Primary or Nature palette, with the option to add components and change it to a custom design.




  • Age Range = 6 to 23 months
  • Activities = 5
  • Capacity = 8 to 12
  • Fall Height = 0 inches
  • Structure Size = 7'6" x 7' x 4'1"
  • Use Zone = 14 feet x 13 feet




QSWP-350013P00 (Primary Color)

QSWP-350013N00 (Natural Color)

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