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The Play Time structure combines several exciting playground activities.Play Time has three great slides to zip down, including two 3ft Single Slides and a fun Double Slide to race down. The structure features a fun Crawl Tunnel, which makes it exciting for kids to simply navigate around. There are two climbing stations that kids can use to reach the deck platforms more easily, and also an Ada transfer station. On the ground level of the Play Time there are several fun things to interact with, like the Rain wheel or Double Drums. The Play Time is an ADA-compliant commercial grade system, available for Quick Ship in the Primary or Nature palette, with the option to add components and change it to a custom design.




  • Age Range = 2 to 5 years old
  • Activities = 5
  • Capacity = 34 to 38
  • Fall Height = 48 inches
  • Structure Size = 28'11" x 15'2" x 8'11"
  • Use Zone = 41 feet x 28 feet




QSWP-350010P00 (Primary Color)

QSWP-350010N00 (Natural Color)

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